Project Builds Permanently Delayed

Hello all,

Here is a strange issue that I experienced while using TC 4.5.1 using a Perforce VCS with a MYSQL backend.  All build configurations in a project became delayed and even though the build agents were idle, queueing a  build on any of the build configurations in the project would result in the item being stuck in the queue forever.  What is really interesting is that at the same time, I experienced the problem where TC was not correctly reporting changes that occurred on the VCS roots for the build configurations on the project.  It is as if the project itself had become corrupted.  Once I copied the project and kicked off a build on all the build configs in the new project, the build configs under the new project worked fine....Any ideas what happened here and how I can help diagnose the issue?  I have kept the old project around for now to help with solving the issue, but I would like to get to the bottom of it because in the future I would not like to lose all that history information from the past builds on the project.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Please enable debug logging (, reproduce the issue and send us your server logs. You can send your logs to teamcity-feedback [at] Please indicate names of the build configurations where the problem occurs in the email.


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