Requirements for remote run


I just started using TeamCity and unfortunatelly I encountered a problem with remote run.

1) I'm using Perforce (using option client mapping with is subset of my client spec).
2) Build configuration is set up with "Checkout directory" and "Do not checkout files automaticly".
3) I'm using IntelliJ 7 with TeamCity plugin. I have set up projects so I can trigger a build.
4) When I click on Changes -> Default -> right click -> Remote Run and select all files and then I click "Remote run...".
5) In Remote Run window: "Select Builds to Verify" I cannot see any builds :( - it's empty list.

Are there any requirements on configuration that I had missed? Any ideas?


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Have you configured VCS root for a build configuration? Remote run requires VCS roots to be configured.

Pavel Sher

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Yes, that was the reason for IDEA not able to perform remote run. Unfortunatelly my local client spec is restricted to my machine only so TeamCity on different machine is not able to checkout the files (BTW: no error in logs, just hungs on checking files whereas P4V gives proper message). More over it's funny because TeamCity is displaying me all the changes (numbers and descriptions) but cannot checkout :).

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Although I have configured the "VCS root" I am facing exactly this issue.

I am using Intellj IDE and subversion.

I am not able to see the build at all. The same project is working fine for when build is called from the teamcity application.

Can you please give me some pointers/hints for the same?



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