Queuing multiple builds for a configuration -- can this be suppressed?

Today I noticed that one of my configurations had two builds queued, the second of which (when it started) was immediately flagged as outdated. Is there a way to enforce that TC can never queue multiple builds, especially out of order? I think that allowing this to happen in my case is quite dangerous, since my projects have complex dependencies and all share a Perforce ClientView, so I don't want to ever build a configuration with outdated sources. I'm happy to run a single agent -- I don't need to split my configs across multiple machines/agents. There's always only one current official build on this build server. It seems that once again I'm fighting the system, or have misunderstood something with regard to how TC expects to operate...

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  I think that your problem is caused by the using of quiet period for you build configurations.
  Please try disabling quiet period - in this case there will be at most one build in the queue and this build will get all the changes upon build start.
  Please see docs about quiet period at http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/TCD4/VCS+Triggers

  Hope this helps,


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I had it set to 10 minutes -- I'll disable it and monitor further.


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