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I am using team city TemCity Enterprise Version 4.0.1.  I have a project with three different configurations, debug, release and integration.
The integration configuration needs to build nightly, so i have used the schedule tab under Build triggering and set it to at midnight and checked the 'do not trigger build if there are no pending changes'.
The problem is everytime this builds, i have a labeling defined +:head=>branches . This is detected as change for the next nightly build, and ends up building even though i have specified to build nightly only if there are pending changes.
Now, i know that i can specify under Build Triggering, the trigger pattern to not build  (-:branches/**)  when there is a change in branches folder. But it seems TeamCity does not allow me to do that if I DON'T have the 'Enable triggering when files are checked into VCS' checked, which in my case, i don't want. Is there a way to specify the trigger pattern of the nightly build (which should not build upon checkins and not build nightly if there are no pending changes..and that change should not be the new labeling).

thank you in advance.

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Hello Shuma,

  Your request is pretty valid, and we already have corresponding issue in our tracker. Please watch/vote for it.



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