Running script using mapped drive on agent


I am trying to run a .bat file (Build runner = Command Line) on an agent that has a R:\ network drive (Windows XP). The .bat is trying to access the R: mapped drive but it is not allowed.
I tried to have the Build Agent Service "Log On" as "Local System account" as well as an admin account on the machine without any success.

Do you know a way to have this working?
Thanks a lot!

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Hello Stephane,

  AFAIK, Windows services cannot access mapped networked drives. So if you run TeamCity as a windows service, mapped network drives are inaccessible.
  As a workaround, you can startup TeamCity server using bat script: TeamCity/bin/runAll.bat (this will start local build agent as well) or TeamCity/bin/teamcity-server.bat to run server only.

  Hope this helps,


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