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I'm trying to integrate QTest into Teamcity.
I can't modify QTest to print specially formatted messages which TeamCity could understand, but I would like to write a plugin which will parse QTest's xml and record results into TeamCity DB.
Could someone point me to right direction?

Another thing, I extended QTest tests to print memory usage during test execution and I would like to create new page in TeamCity to show graphs. I have my own chart library and would like to use that. Here
I found how to write such a page, but I don't understand how can I get information about tests which were executed during build. In CruiseControl there is buildlog.xml which contains _all_ information, and I can access it from any parts of CC. Is there such a thing in TeamCity? I need to get names of test suites and test cases.


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  To report tests you should probably use service messages, as described at

  To pass other information from your build to the TeamCity server I'd suggest using artifacts.
  In this case, as long as artifact is uploaded, you can access it from your code via SBuild.getArtifactDirectory call.

  Hope this helps,


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