Setting Artifact Paths programatically when creating a build configuration


I'm using TeamCity Enterprise 3.1 (build 6760).

I have a server side plugin that create build configurations. One of the things it does is set the artifact path for the build. I'm using:

SBuildType win32PreRelease = bproj.createBuildType(name, "test", -1, BuildTypeDescriptor.CheckoutType.ON_AGENT);
SimpleParameter a = new SimpleParameter("artefacts.paths", "build/publish");

This produces in project-config.xml:

     <param name="artefacts.paths" value="build/publish" />

When a build is run, artifacts are collected and stored. However, if I open the build config in the UI, I no longer see the above path in the input box.

Furthermore, if I edit and save the build config via the UI (by changing build config name), the artifacts are no longer collected.

It seems that I really need this in my project-config.xml:

   <artifact-publishing paths="build/publish" />

I am not sure how I can programmatically do this.

Thanks for your help.


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Hello Scott,

  Please use win32PreRelease.setArtifactPaths call to set the path.

  Hope this helps,

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Thanks...I was using TC jars from a previous 3.1 release. My bad!


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