How would TeamCity help transition from stone age to 21st century

I have been building and deploying manually using VS 2008 and VSS, on Windows XP.  I have gotten away with this up till now because my configuration is simple.  Now I have added a WinForm/ClickOnce/WebService application and simplicity has vanished.  I find myself customizing each build depending on where it is going.  YUCK!  OK time to do it better.  Question is how?  Here are my requirements:

Winform application that is composed of home grown and third party components. Target build for individual developers (2),  QA, and production.  For each target the ClickOnce configuration varies, and so does the web service configuration.  For production, i need to support two different deployment models - deploy as download from web and deploy as file on CD-ROM.

I also have Web application, and 4 windows sevices that only vary by target by their configuration file.  So far i have managed the configuration files using manual operations.

Can TeamCity help?  If so, can someone knowledgable, kind and wise please suggest a path to follow to get me from where i am to push button deployment bundles for each target?

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Seems, it will be easier to start if you describe your current build configuraitons in TeamCity and the overhead that you want to avoid.

You can probably setup several agents with different environment, add corresponding agent properties and then define agent requirements for each build configuration to regulate on what agents the build configurations can run.


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