Need help with VSS and Team City Professional


I just downloaded TeamCity Professional and am having problems with VSS. How do I control the path to ss.exe?

[10:12:34]: Checking for changes
[10:12:48]: Clearing temporary directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp
[10:12:48]: Checkout directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\94e60aa14ab0335f
[10:12:48]: Updating sources
[Updating sources] Will perform clean checkout. Reason: Checkout directory is empty or doesn't exist
[10:12:48]: [Updating sources] Building clean patch for VCS root: IS Severity VCS Root
[10:12:48]: [Updating sources] Failed to build patch for build #4, build id: 4, VCS root: IS Severity VCS Root, due to error: Failed to get path to ss.exe. File does not exists at path C:\Program Files\ApexSQL\ApexSQLEdit2008\ss.exe
[10:12:48]: [Updating sources] Repository sources transferred
[10:12:48]: Will repeat attempt when server will be available, number of attempts left: 2

As you can see from above the build process is looking for ss.exe in  C:\Program Files\ApexSQL\ApexSQLEdit2008

How did it find that path? what defines that path?

I changed my path variable to start with "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe" and rebooted but it made no differerence.

How do I change that path to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe"


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I never found a proper solution so I thought that I would copy ss.exe into the C:\Program Files\ApexSQL\ApexSQLEdit2008 folder

This resovled my issue but I still do not know why it is looking in there for it.



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