Best Practice advice on Moving TC to a new server


we are migrating our TC4.5.1 instance to a new machine.   This instance is backed by a MSSQLServer databse instance.

we plan to

  1. bring down the TC server process
  2. copy .BuildServer to the new host
  3. copy the TC binaries

is this the correct sequence of steps?  does .BuildServer need to somehow be in sync with the database?

is there anything else we should be aware of?

Thanks in advance.


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Provided the new instance is using the same database on the same server the steps you describe look right.

Since .BuildServer and database both store system state (only different parts of it), they do need to correspond. But is you shutdown TeamCity and then start it on a new machine having the same database and .BuildServer all will be OK.

You could also ensure you have alike environments on both machine if you have that customized (e.g. TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH, TEAMCITY_SERVER_OPTS, JAVA_HOME environment variables), user under which the server is running, etc.

Please also make sure the old instance cannot accidentially be started and connect to the same database - only one TeamCity instance should connect to the single database.


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