Configuring date format in TC 4.5


I installed TeamCity on a computer with locale set to Israel. This made the date/time display in the Projects tab look like this:

Last built: 10 יול 09 03:37

where the funny יול on the right is a short for יולי = July in Hebrew. This date is supposed to be July 10th.

I was wondering if it's possible to configure the date time format somewhere. I changed the locale of my computer to United States on both the computer that TC is installed on, and the build agent machine, but the date format remains like the above.


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This is a bug addressed by issue TW-7856.

The server (machine running TeamCity server) locale is used. If you change the locale and restart TeamCity, the new locale should be used.

Also, you may try to pass another locale only to the server application by passing "-Duser.language=en" JVM options.

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"-Duser.language=en" JVM options.

That did the trick! Thanks a lot!


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