SourceMonitor integration question

Hi all,
I've a question about SourceMonitor integration with TeamCity. I've successfully integrated SourceMonitor using a custom task, but I've found some problems in a configuration using multiple agents.
Just to recap, SourceMonitor stores each "checkpoint" in a single project file (.smp); that's very usefuly, so you can compare checkpoints and see the trends of the various quality metrics. In a scenario where two (or more) agents are able to run the sourcemonitor task, I'd like to reuse (or share) the same project file amongst the agents.
Do you know if there is some recommended best practice to share a single file (in this specific case the SourceMonitor project one) amongst the agents?

Thanks in advance

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Can you publish this file as artifact (.smp) and then download it via artifact dependencies?

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Hi Pavel,
thanks for the hint, but I think it wouldn't work in my scenario. The artifact dependency is defined upon another build configuration (respect the current one), while in this case the "code quality metrics" configuration should depends on itself.



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