Moving a build agent


I'm using Teamcity 4.5.4 for a project (Professional). We have 2 build agents running some windows builds and I just installed (but not authorized) one more build agent on my mac. The mac build agent will eventually move to a dedicated build machine and I have it currently running on my laptop for testing.

I just wanted to check before I authorize the test build agent on my laptop, whether I can remove it later and re-install a new one on the dedicted mac build machine without having to buy another license (i.e., does teamcity count agents registered with the server at a given time or count the number of build agents ever registered - I would think its the former, but wanted to confirm first)?


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Yes you will be able to do this. Authorizing an agent allocates a license to it and later you can unauthorize an agent which frees up the license to allocate to another agent. The following page in the TeamCity docs should help


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Thanks Rod. That helps!


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