Best Practice for Checking Files Back Into Perforce When Running on Build Agents

I've read several posts regarding the fact that TeamCity only supports server-side checkout when using Perforce. Thus I'm not sure what's the best way or best practice to check certain files back into Perforce after they have been changed on a build agent.  For example, suppose that I have a AssemblyInfo.cs file that is used by several of my C# projects. This file contains version information. I would like to have this file updated during a build and checked back into Perforce so it can be used during development (i.e. developers can still build those projects on their dev machine).  

Does anybody have suggestions as to how to handle this need?



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This can be done if your build script will checkout files instead of TeamCity and checkout mode on the VCS settings will be set to "do not checkout automatically". This will also require perforce client to be installed on each agent where your build will run.


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