Triggering a configuration on multiple operating systems


After a build configuration is complete, I want my unit test configuration to be triggerred in such a way that 3 jobs start on 3 different operating systems (Linux, XP and Vista). I have several agents of each of these operating systems. I want only one instance to run on Linux and one on XP and one on Vista. Currently, I am thinking of creating 3 configurations to achieve this - but that seems like a waste. I want just one configuration to be triggered on one of Linux, XP and Vista.

The marketing docs seem to indicate that this is possible - but I could not figure this out from the UI. May be I am missing something simple.


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Can anyone reply or acknowledge this post? Please let me know if it is a feature request or such functionality exists and I should be reading the documentation to figure out how to do this. In the example server, I can see that people are creating different configurations for different operating systems. It would be nice to have a single "parameterized" configuration for different operating systems and a way to trigger this based on the agents available. One can generalize this to "agent capabilities".

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Currently the recommended way is to create separate build configuration for each operating system. The reason is simple - you will have history of builds (and test failures) per OS and this will simplify analysis of the test failures.

It is also possible to have one build configuration but at the moment TeamCity own triggers cannot start build configuration on several different agents simultaneously. To workaround this problem you can create one separate build configuration which will trigger such builds with help of HTTP requests:

We also have feature requests for which you can vote:


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