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We use TeamCity 4.5.4 Professional on Linux to provide CI on our projects.

Of course, we wants to use killin pretested commit feature, but nobody in our team use Eclipse nor other IDE's supported by TeamCity.

We use TextMate, vim, Notepad++ and ActiveState Komodo Edit.

Also we work using remote environments over SSH, so our commits proceed through command line (it's usual for many teams).

So we highly need command line utility to allow builds on TeamCity before commit.

Of course, latest TeamCity 5.0 EAP builds include this CLI utility, so I upgrades our TeamCity to edge TeamCity 5.0 EAP (build 10307).

Please do not remove this utility from production code (I'll plan to switch our team to use this utility instead of direct VCS commands).

Moreover - describe this functionality in your Blog, many people will glad to use pretested commit in their's loving environment.

And one more feature that can be implemented by yourselves - writing of svn and git precommit hooks. It automates all we need.

With best wishes,

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Thank you for your feedback! Actually we have plans to improve this tool and simplify its usage. So we definitely do not want to drop it
It's a good idea about blog post. However we need to clean some rough edges in the tool. Probably we will describe it in the blog later.

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And what about another killin feature - precommit hooks for SVN and Git (and other less popular VCS's)?

It's easy to do with your command line utility in synchronous mode - it must wait while build server processes builds, reports information and errors to standard streams and return exit code (1 or 0) to inform VCS about precommit status.

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Precommit hooks is an interesting idea. Probably we will provide such scripts, or our users will write them. It should work quite well if build duration is short. However with longer durations if you'll want to change the same files again you'll have to wait till the commit finishes. This is the problem we are solving in the IDE. With TeamCity IDE plugin you can change the same files while pre-tested commit build is running, but the commit will be done with those versions of files which were sent in personal build. Of course your modifications made after the personal build will be preserved too. Chances are this can be done with command line tool too, but in a less convenient way.

Anyway please submit a feature request for precommit hooks support to our tracker: http://jetbrains.net/tracker


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