VS2008 Remote Run not using changed file

Here is my setup:

TeamCity 4.5.4 (build 9071)

TFS 2005

Visual Studio 2008

.Net 3.5 Project

My build is working fine. I am just experiementing with Remote Run feature.

Here is what I did:

I modifed the souce code so it failed compilation on my local dev box. I opened remote run, chose the modified file and the relevant build configuration, and click "Run".

On team city web, I found the "Personal Build", but surprisingly it was successful.

I looked at the full log, here are the lines that indicating a "Replacement" occured

[18:11:01]: [Updating sources] Personal changes transferred
[18:11:01]: [Updating sources] Personal changes: replace: 'C:\blah\blah\Data.cs'

here are the lines that indicating a successful build (I expect it FAILED with my code change)

[18:11:15]: Process exit code: 0
here are the lines that "Reverse" the changes (Why TeamCity does this instead of leave the files modified as they are?)
[18:11:15]: Undo personal changes: replace: 'C:\blah\blah\Data.cs'
[18:11:15]: Personal changes were reverted successfully
Anyone has any suggestions I can try?
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I got the "Remote Run" to work. by changing the "VCS checkout mode" from "Automatically on agent" to "Automatically on server".


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