Only build affected Maven2 projects?

Currenty, we seems to have two options with TeamCity.

1. Define the top-level project (top-level POM). When a check-in occurs from SCM, the whole project structure, with all subprojects, are built by TC. This results in long build times and cumbersome tracing for the reason when the build fails.

2. Define every java-project (POM) as a project in TC. Top-level and sub-levels. Currently there are about 50 projects. This results in cumbersome administration in TeamCity, and complicated work to keep track of the project dependencies.

This compared to Continuum, where its possible to only define the top-level project, and when a check-in from SCM occurs, Continuum finds out which projects are affected and builds them in the correct order.

So my questions is: Is it possible, with TC, to achieve the Continuum advantage in a clever way?

Any others out there experiencing the same problem?

Improvements for Maven2 in TC5.0?

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Unfortunately, it's not possible in the current version.

However we're working on better integration with Maven, and have already achived some progress in 5.0 EAP.
I'm not sure the feature you described will be available in 5.0, but we definitly will plan it for one of the future releases.

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Thanks Sergey! Looking forwards for this.


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