Duplicates finder (.NET) cannot browse files

I setup Duplicates finder (.net) in Teamcity 4.5.2 (build 9029)
The reporting works fine but I cannot browse to the duplicate files.

If I don't setup a working directory I am getting the error
Unable to find 821c90a009a12ec/<mySroucePath>

If I setup a working directory I am getting the error
The system cannot find the path specified "<AgentLetterDrive>/<MyPath>"

I do understand the reporting is displayed at server side, while it is done from agent side.
But how can I bind my source file to the server, so any user can browse duplicates files from "Duplicate" artifact tab.

Thanks for your help

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Please describe your VCS roots settings. Do you use checkout rules?

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My VCS type is Perforce.
VCS Checkout mode is set to "Automatically on server"
Checkout directory is left blank

Do you need any further information?


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