How to change email notification markup?

is there any way to change standard template of email notification? I didn't found examples in your documentation.
I've tried to change C:\Users\[User]\.BuildServer\config\email-config.xml file, with the following markup:

  <template id="build_successful_tpl">
        <subject>Build {PROJECT_NAME}::{BUILD_CONFIG_NAME} {BUILD_NUMBER} successful {SHORT_STATUS_DESCRIPTION}</subject>
            <div >Build Number: {BUILD_NUMBER} successful</div><br/>
            <h3 >COMPILATION ERRORS:</h3><br/>
            <h3 >FAILED TESTS ERRORS:</h3><br/>

but after I've done it, I started to get notifications with empty body. What am I doing wrong?


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First of all your HTML tags need to be escaped properly, i.e. < should be replaced with &lt;, otherwise this template will not be considered valid. Secondly HTML emails are not currently supported (it is not enough to just add HTML markup, proper content type should be set too), please watch/vote for this issue:


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