How to add custom test runner settings in "Build Runner" configuration step?


We are currently using TeamCity 4.5.5.

Is it possible to add a custom test runner settings in the "Build Runner" configuration step? (editRunType.html page)

For the moment, I see two sections: one for NUnit settings and another for MSTest settings.

What if I want to add another one, for let's say, MBUnit, XUnit, or even another test runner?

Is it possible to do this in the current version? If not, is it planned for the 5.0 release?

Thanks in advance,


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Could it be as simple as adding a xxxParams.jsp in the solution2008-runner-server.jar in <%TeamCity_Install_Dir%>\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lib?

If so, can I put any key name for the <props:.../> element?

For example, <props:testProperty name="some_foo_key".../> or do I have to use a preset list of predefined keywords?


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helping my cause...

OK, I created a xxxParams.jsp for our test runner, and I added the file to webapps\ROOT\plugins\sln2008.

Do I have to recompile/register this so that I can see the new test settings in the sln2008 window?

I don't think I'm too far from the solution...though I know I'm not too close either


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