Detailed Instructions for setting up PartCover in TeamCity 5 EAP?


I'm trying to set up PartCover in TeamCity 5 EAP. I am using NAnt as my build runner and NUnit for tests; both are working. Now I'm trying to set up PartCover, but haven't been able to make it work yet. Once it's set up correctly, should the code coverage results/tabs show up automatically? Why does it say Code coverage is disabled? The following are my settings in the PartCover section:

Code coverage: disabled

.NET Code Coverage: PartCover
Path to PartCover: lib\Partcover\PartCover.exe
Additional PartCover Arguments: view content
Include Assemblies: view content
Exclude Assemblies: view content
Report XSLT: view content
I am new to code coverage tools and would like to set it up.
Thanks for the assistance!

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