Branch workflow question


Our project consists of roughly 15 build configurations.

Frequently, one of our developers wants to create a branch, and do some "dangerous" work in the branch for a few weeks, to then later merge it back into trunk.

I'm trying to figure out how we can easily duplicate the 15 builds for a new branch.  I was hoping the new template system in the teamcity 5.0 would solve this problem, but as it turns out these templates are at the build configuration level.   I guess what I"m looking for are templates at the Project level.  I want to say "okay we have these 15 build configs running against trunk,  make me another 15 that run against branches/dangerouschange1)

I can copy them offcourse, but our build configs are still very much in flex, meaning I have to make changes to all "branch" buildconfigs.

Is there a way to make this problem easier to manage?

Thanks, Lucas

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First of all do you really need all these 15 build configurations for the branch? Sometimes it is enough to have much smaller set of them. As for the templates it will be possible to associate build configuration with a template from another project. We think the case when a project contains templates only and several other projects contain build configurations associated with these templates could be quite common.

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Hey Pavel,


I do think we'll need all 15 build configs (they're all tests, and I usually don't know what's going to break. i should, but I don't )

However, the project containing only template buildconfigs approach,  that would work great for us I think.
Thanks a lot for the help,



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