Ant cvs task issues in some build configurations

TC 4 (build8222),

we've got a few build configurations to build java projects using ant. The projects are being built successfully
so that's OK. However, a portion of the build also labels the releases using the ant cvs task and that only works
in some of the configurations. The issue is that in those that fail, the error is that no CVSROOT is specified, even
though it's the same kind of ant build files used for all these configurations and the same version control settings (other
than the location of the repository, of course, but still on the same host). When asked to perform a clean build TC has no problem checking out
the files from the repositories as needed, but when the ant cvs task is issued we get this error message.

What gives? What can I do to find out why the same build agent fails one configuration but succeeds with the others?
What kind of configuration may be missing that the agent needs to perform this task?



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