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Our teamcity server is in our private office network.  When we like a build enough, we want to publish it on an external facing website, where it can be downloaded by our betatesters.
I'm wondering what the past of least resistance is to do this.  I'm can probably just write a simple script that copies from teamcity's http artifact getting interface to my external facing webserver, but I'm not sure what a good way would be to "make a button" for it, somewhere in the teamcity interface.

There's an almost identical question from someone else here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1106815/teamcity-best-practices-to-deploy-produced-installers-artifacts

Thanks, Lucas

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You can create a new build configuration that will take the  necessary artifacs via TeamCity artifact dependency and publish them using your  build script.

If you use TeamCity 4.x you can configure  artifact dependency on last pined build and then pin the necessary build and run  the deploying configuraiton. If you have 5.0 EAP build, it's even easier: no  need to pin the build beforehand - you can use "Promote..." action on the build  you want to deploy.


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