Teamcity 4.5.5 Building solution on a specific Platform

I'm relative new to Teamcity and try to get it to work on my server. I encountered a problem now with my vs2008 solution where I don't understand why it occurs nor how I can resolve it.

The solution consists of several different projects which are diveded into platforms (xBox, Windows, PS3,...). I configured the solution that it takes only some of these projects when I want to build the application for only one of these platforms (i.e. xBox). This works fine... now I wanted to do this also with my Teamcity project and entered in the build runner under "Platform" the "xBox", "Windows" and "PS3" tags for the platform selection. Sadly this doesn't word!? Teamcity tries to compile all projects, even the ones that should be ignored and throws exceptions when there are errors found.

While I'm not able to do all changes in all projects at once I unloaded some of these projects from the solution that they are skipped when compiling. But Teamcity simply ignores this or I don't know how to configure it right.

Does anyone else has this problem or has a hint why it could be that I get this strange problem?

Thanks for help!

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TeamCity uses msbuild to build your project. Could you plase try running you build from msbuild.
Configuration parameters is mapped into /p:Configuration=<value>,
Platfrom is mapped into /p:Platform=<value>

There are possible issues when builling visual c projects from msbuild,
have a look at



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