Dependencies,how it really works?


I use TC v4.5.5 and I have difficulties to do what I need:

I develop a programming language for unit testing: Visual T#.

I have a TC Project with 4 builds:

1. Compiler: the T# compiler itself, with its NUnit tests.

2. BuildServers Extensions: plugins for build servers. We just develop an extension to run T# tests within Team City. Tests are written in T#.

3. Test Frameworks Extensions: plugins for other test frameworks. We currently supports NUnit. Our tests are written in T#. => MSBuild build with T# task to run tests.

4. Release: if all the above are OK, it generates the nightly build.

We have only one SVN root.

'BuildServers Extensions' depends on build 'Compiler', because we have to compile our T# tests for 'BuildServers Extensions'.

I have made the compiler an artifact of 'Compiler' and I want to copy DLLs to the right directory so that test can be built.


I can see the artifacts of Compiler build. They are correct.

1. I do not understand why two roots are used under 'work' directory of my agent (one agent = TC server), as there is only one CVS source (svn).

2. As there are two roots, I need to copy artifacts from the 'Compiler' build to 'TSharpExtensions\Binaries' directory of my 'BuildServers Extensions' build.

I always receive the same error:

[16:12:20]: Dependency resolving started...
[16:12:20]: Downloading artifacts from: http://test
[16:12:22]: Failed to download artifact dependency <Visual TSharp v1.X :: Compiler (last finished build)>: Download of artifact TSharp.pdb from build configuration <Visual TSharp v1.X :: Compiler (last finished build)> (source path *) failed: C:\TeamCity\temp\dep28913ivycache\org\bt2\pdbs\TSharp-v1 build:75 svn:832.lastFinished.pdb.part (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)
[16:12:22]: Failed to download 1 of 1 artifact dependencies
[16:12:22]: Dependency resolving finished

I suppose I can specify explicit path for all my builds to the same path to avoid copying artifacts, but I would like to understand how artifacts are managed!

Thanks for your help.

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Ok! I was tired!

Do not use : in your build number, it does not fit well in a filename!

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It's a bug in the library we are using for artifacts downloading, feel free to watch/vote for this issue:


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