Builds triggered by Subversion commits

We would like to trigger builds for each and every commit made into Subversion.  A post-commit hook, i suspect, would communicate to the build server and pass in the SVN revision id.  This seems trivial to do.  In fact, every CI server that I've evaluated thus far provides this capability.  ...except, seemingly, TeamCity.  Is it true that TeamCity only supports polling?  This is an important need (perhaps a show stopper), and would be a real shame since TeamCity seems like a strong contender otherwise.

I did find an addon named vcsupdate.  However, I'm not sure that is what I need.  That seems to trigger TeamCity to then poll.  So, it may not be per revision.  There doesn't seem to be a way to pass the revision id to it.

Can someone confirm or deny whether VCS-triggered builds are supported.  If not, why not!  ..and when is it coming.



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Hello Gary,

   Builds triggered by VCS commit hooks are not supported in TeamCity. The related issue in our tracker is .

   On the other hand, if there are two commits which enter a build and you want to detect which one has broken it, you can use "History build" feature. This feature allows to make a build for any user change, which was already detected by TeamCity. So if there were change1 and than change2, and one of them has broken the build, you can run a build which contains change1 only. There is no way to cherry-pick a change, though.

  Kind regards,


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