Displying Custom Graphs without the series data

I set up some custom graphs as per this example.

    <graph title="Duration comparison" defaultFilters="" hideFilters="" seriesTitle="Build Duration">
      <valueType key="BuildDuration" title="CompileDuration" buildTypeId="bt2" />
      <valueType key="BuildDuration" title="FXCopDuration" buildTypeId="bt3" />
    <graph title="Size comparison" defaultFilters="" hideFilters="" seriesTitle="Size In MB">
      <valueType key="ArtifactsSize" title="CompileArtefacts" buildTypeId="bt2" />
      <valueType key="ArtifactsSize" title="FXCopArtefacts" buildTypeId="bt3" />

The graphs showed fine, but addionally so did all the series data (see below).... Id really like to display just the Graph.
There is too much data for it to be useful as text. (a hyper link on a data point would be nice) but somehow I think thats the data thats being displayed as text.(just a wild guess)

Can anyone tell me what Ive done wrong.
This happens in IE and Firefox. TeamCity  Professional Version 4.5.5  (build 9103)

This is pasted out of IE 6.0 (!!)

Started: 26.10.2009 16:45:01
Series: CompileDuration
'  ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=24'/>< tip="Value: 115">
Started:  26.10.2009 16:32:45
Series: CompileDuration
'  ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=23'/>< tip="Value: 114">
Build: #22 Success
Started:  26.10.2009 16:30:05
Series: CompileDuration
'  ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=22'/>< tip="Value: 121">
Build: #21 Success
Started:  26.10.2009 16:15:04
Series: CompileDuration
'  ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=21'/>< tip="Value: 107">
Build: #20 Success
Started:  26.10.2009 16:00:02
Series: CompileDuration
'  ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=20'/>< tip="Value: 115">
Build: #19 Success
Started:  26.10.2009 15:51:42

This is pasted out of Firefox 3.5.3  (the tip is missing)

Build: #36 Success
Started: 27.10.2009 19:53:26
Series: CompileArtefacts
' ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=50'/>
Build: #35 Success
Started: 27.10.2009 18:35:06
Series: CompileArtefacts
' ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=48'/>
Build: #34 Success
Started: 27.10.2009 12:05:25
Series: CompileArtefacts
' ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=34'/>
Build: #33 Success
Started: 27.10.2009 11:53:37
Series: CompileArtefacts
' ref='viewLog.html?buildTypeId=bt2&buildId=33'/>
Build: #32 Success
Started: 27.10.2009 11:38:32

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It looks like a bug, could you please submit an issue (http://jetbrains.net/tracker) with a screenshot.


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