AIX support


Is AIX a supported platform for build agent. Which distribution can I use for installing agent on AIX? Where can I find that.

Likewise for server ..


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You may install the TeamCity server WAR file if you have already a JEE application server working on AIX with a JDBC accessible database.

Then for an  agent working on AIX, don't know...



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AIX is not oficially supported, however some of our customers use agents on AIX. The known issue in 4.5 is inability to stop build on AIX, in TC 5.0 this bug has been fixed.
As for the server, we are not aware whether someone tried to use TeamCity server on AIX or not.

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Can you point me to distribution/download that I should use for testing agent on AIX?

Is the roadmap for AIX going to change in future ... is 5.0 release supporting AIX or later releases ...

Which linux flavours are supported .. is red hat supported?

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You should use zip file distribution on AIX. I am not sure we will be able to oficially declare AIX as supported in 5.0 (we did not do any testing on this platform). However as far as Java is running on this platform, agent should run too.

As for linux flavours - we should support all of them where Java is working. The only platorm dependent part is build stopping procedure which is based on ps command output under Unix systems. However this command should behave the same way on all linuxes. There is also script which starts agent but if bash is available it should work too.


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