Packaging successfull builds using external data

I have 2 different software units which, packaged, define a release. I want to build my software units independently of each other.  Than, on day X I would like to select the successfull builds and create a packaged release from them. The package contains some logistics data, which I want to maintain in a database. What could be the proper way to connect the logistics data and the selection of successfull builds of the software units? An external database? How do I ask TeamCity which builds are avalilable for selection? Is it better to write a TeamCity plugin to perform this task?

Thanks in advance

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If you plan to build the release package inside TeamCity, you can proably create a dedicated third build configuration to do that. If can artifact-depend on last successful (or last pinned) builds of the units you include into the package. TeamCity 5.0 will also have ability to specify builds to use as artifact dependencies in the Run Custom Build dialog.

The packaging build can then communicate with database and retrieve/save all the necessary data.

You can also retrieve suitable builds inside your packaging build, not relying on TeamCity's artifact dependencies. You can download artifacts via Ivy.


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