Creating a new template in 10574.


The first template I created with build 10574 didn't seem to work as I expected.  After creating and attaching a new VCS root I had to go back to the general settings and re-input all of the required info even though I'd already done it.  I saw the same thing with build 10380.  I haven't tried any builds in between, but assume it's the same.  It's only a minor annoyance, so I didn't bother to create a bug report..  Steps I took:

1. Install TeamCity 5.0 EAP
2. Create a new project.
3. Create a new template.
4. Fill out general info.
5. Create and attach a new VCS root.
6. Select 'Chose Build Runner'.

I got an error (don't remember the exact wording) saying a name was required before continuing.  It was refering to the name in General Settings.  Also, when I finished creating the build configuration I ended up with an actual build config rather than a template.

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Thank you for the bug report, please watch for this issue:
As a workaround you can create template without VCS roots and attach them later.


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