Checkout to subtituted harddrive fails

during testing of TeamCity Professional 4.5.5 build 9103 (on XP SP2) I got into troubles when trying to perform checkout from SVN server to substitued hard drive letter.
If is the Checkout directory set to e.q. R:\A\Src\IdaRs_A, where R: is creating using Subst R: E:\Disk_R, the checkout fails with message Failed to create build checkout directory at R:\A\Src\IdaRs_A.
After changing the Checkout directory to E:\Disk_R\A\Src\IdaRs_A the checkout works smoothly.
It does not matter if the directory R:\A\Src\IdaRs_A exists or not, it fails always.

Is this a known issue?
Thanks for info.

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In Windows service can't access mapped drives. This is the OS limitation, and we can't do anything with it. If you need to checkout to a mapped drive run agent using agent.bat script.

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Thanks for explanation.
I can perform checkouts to real directory path, but than I need to run compilation of SLN file on substituted one - and the compilation fails because of the substituted drive letter. So I will have to switch to physical drives only.


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