Switched to LDAP, how to specify who is admin?


I just tried switching our TeamCity server to use LDAP autentication.

After some messing around it works, however when I log in, I'm no longer considered admin.

What's the suggested workflow here?  Can I specify who is allowed to do what in teamcity?

How do I get myself an accound that would actually have enough privileges to do that?

or am I supposed to now manage who's allowed to do what on the actual ldap server?

Thanks, Lucas

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hi, Lucas

try the below,

userName is xxxx, password is yyyy, if TC server work in LDAP mode, xxxx will be "Administrator" role.

. . .
# The credentials to use when browsing LDAP for synchronization purposes.
# The user must have read access to all LDAP entries under 'teamcity.users.base' and 'teamcity.groups.base' (see below).

if you logined failed, please check the below in ldap-config.properties

# A transformation that will be applied to the user-entered login name before performing LDAP bind.
# User-entered login name can be referenced by "$login$".
# By default, no transformation is applied.
# Example:
(James: if you are login name is xxx@xxx.com, you can set teamcity.auth.formatDN=$login$@xxx.com )

how to check the corresponding between TC ldap and LDAP server? please use JXPlorer tool(http://www.jxplorer.org/), it will really use for you!

hope the above can help you!


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