ANT Error init modern compiler


I am using TC 4.5. I need to build some classes with ANT. But if TC runs the script which wants to compile about 901 classes I get an error for this target. I also compile in previous target some classes and there is no problem with that.

I tried using 1.6 option in javac task for parameters target and source.
I added more RAM to the ANT_OPTS.

Also when I run the script in the windows shell it runs perfect.

I use java 1.6 u16 to compile the code, but I recognized that team city uses java 1.5 to run... So maybe there is some conflict?


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Could you please provide build log and teamcity-agent.log?

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thanks for the pointing to the agent.logs
I found the problem. Server reported an Out of Memory exception. So I added more RAM -Xmx1024m to the teamcity JVM settings
This solved the problem.

But the ant build script didn't report the complete error only a part of it.



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