VCS Perforce checkout -- failing because it can't find com.intellij.util.ui.UIUtil

What am I missing? Sorry for my hast but it's been a long season...

This is an init case. I'm starting Teamcity 5 from scratch with a new|empty $HOME/.BuildServer directory.

After configuring VCS and Builderunner, when I try to run a build, I can't get past the Perforce checkout:

[2009-12-03 18:44:03,116]   INFO - rver.agent.impl.BuildRunAction - Call stage jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.UpdateSourcesFromServer
[2009-12-03 18:44:03,121]   INFO - ch.UpdateSourcesBuildStageBase - Updating sources: server side checkout...
[2009-12-03 18:44:03,123]   INFO - .patch.UpdateSourcesFromServer - Requesting patch from server, full checkout - true
[2009-12-03 18:44:03,123]   INFO - .patch.UpdateSourcesFromServer - Copying patch to temp file...
[2009-12-03 18:46:48,475]   WARN - ch.UpdateSourcesBuildStageBase - Exception occurred while patch applying: Could not initialize class com.intellij.util.ui.UIUtil
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.intellij.util.ui.UIUtil
 at com.intellij.CommonBundle.messageOrDefault(
 at com.intellij.CommonBundle.message(
 at com.intellij.CommonBundle.message(
 at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.formatFileSize(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.util.StringUtil.formatFileSize(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.PatchStreamDownloader$2.nextPortionWritten(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.util.TCStreamUtil.writeBinary(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.PatchStreamDownloader.copyStreamToFileAndCloseStream(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.PatchStreamDownloader.downloadPatch(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.PatchDownloaderImpl.downloadPatch(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.PatchDownloaderImpl.copyPatchAndCheck(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.UpdateSourcesPatcherBase.copyPatchToTempFile(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.UpdateSourcesFromServer.updateSources(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.UpdateSourcesBuildStageBase.doSourceUpdate(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.patch.UpdateSourcesBuildStageBase.doRecoverableStage(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.runStages.RecoverableBuildStage.doBuildStage(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.BuildRunAction.callRunStage(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.BuildRunAction.doStages(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.BuildRunAction.access$000(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.BuildRunAction$

VCS Configuration:

Version Control Settings edit »
VCS checkout mode: Automatically on server
Checkout directory: default
Clean all files before build: ON
VCS labeling: disabled

I've validated the Perforce connection with your test option.

I've validated that TeamCity is successfully detecting change-lists in Perforce (and trying to update from Perforce).

The problem is "applying the patch.

Any help would be much appreciated,

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Could you please provide full teamcity-agent.log?

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The log is attached.

I've added JAVA_OPTS=-Djava.awt.headless=true to both the buildagent properties and the teamcity server properties to alleviate the "Can't connect to window server - not enough permissions" and such.

Thanks for your time,

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Please watch for this issue: we will try to provide fix ASAP

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Confirmed. A more recent TeamCity build (#10687) solves this problem.

Thanks again.



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