Detecting changes with UCM and TeamCity 5.0.1

In my VCS Root I have /home/alexr/view/alexr_teamcity_test as my ClearCase view path and vobs/project1 as the relative path within the view.
My trigger pattern rules is empty.

When I make a change to any files under vobs/project1 no build gets triggered. The log shows,

/home/alexr/view/alexr_teamcity_test/vobs/project1 {id=3}; 0 changes collected 0 changes reported

However if I make a change specifically to the file vobs/project/build.xml a change does get detected and the build gets executed. What am I doing wrong? I thought and empty trigger pattern defaults to all files.

I'm running TeamCity Professional Version 5.0.1 (build 10715) and ClearCase UCM 7.0.1 under Linux.

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