IVY artifact publishing: setting value for "org"


When publishing artifacts to TC, the value of the "org" attribute is set to "org". Is it possible to tell TC the value of the "org" attribute for artifact publishing.

The documentation on site regarding "Configuring Dependencies" show following format for specifying a dependency. It looks like that "org" attribute is automatically set by TC to have value "org" and that it can not be modified.

<dependency org="org" name="BUILD_CONFIGURATION_ID" rev="BUILD_REVISION">
** full content below

<ivy-module version="1.3">
  <info organisation="YOUR_ORGANIZATION" module="YOUR_MODULE"/>
    <dependency org="org" name="BUILD_CONFIGURATION_ID" rev="BUILD_REVISION">
      <include name="ARTIFACT_FILE_NAME_WITHOUT_EXTENSION" ext="ARTIFACT_FILE_NAME_EXTENSION" matcher="exactOrRegexp"/>


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