NUnit tests run multiple times

I'm using TeamCity 5.0.1 (build 10715). Since I've upgraded from 4.5.x, I've noticed that TeamCity finds and runs my NUnit tests multiple times. Take a look at the attached screen shot for an example. I only have about 440-445 tests for this project, but TeamCity sees 441, 886, 1324 or 2229 tests. The number typically increases, but not always (see screen shot). It only does this for one of my build configurations.

I'm using the NUnit 2.5.2 runner with a test assembly path of "..\**\Bin\Deploy\*.Tests.dll" where Deploy is the solution's build configuration.

Is this a known issue? Is there a work around?


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I found the problem. I rearranged my solution and didn't update the test assembly path. It was running every test dll under the buildAgent\work directory, whoops!

Here's the change that fixed it:
..\**\Bin\Deploy\*.Tests.dll => **\Bin\Deploy\*.Tests.dll


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