How to copy all the code from TFS server

TC 4.5.4 (enterprise)

I just got asked if I could set TC to copy out all of the code within are TFS server and store it somewhere.
I know that this is not what TC is designed to do but...
I figured no problem I could just set up a vcs root at the top level and save everything as an artifact and have an nant script zip it up and move it.
Unfortunately when just specifying $/ as the root I get a "problem with vcs connection error".
Is there any way to do this?

<to stave off people saying "back up the TFS server">
We do back up the TFS server, but if a disaster takes out our main manufacturing plant, rebuilding the TFS is not the highest priority of the network department. But we will still need to support our other manufacturing sites. And with 200+ applications, we'll probably need source code.


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I think I figured it out. "$/." seems to work, although I can't tell for sure because I ran out of disk space. Once networking upgrades the drive. I'll try again.



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