Nunit integration

If you have a project referenced all three nunit assemblies and you put all dlls in the same folder.

like c:\unit_test

If I run the unit test with "Nunit2" task. everything seems fine. I can get the on-the-fly test result.
If I run it with Nunit addins ( nunit 2.4.8). everything seems fine except I can't get the on-the-fly test result. I use nant with ncover or partcover. If I delete the " nunit.core.dll" and "nunit.core.interfaces.dll" at that folder. I can get the  on-the-fly test result again.

it hanppend at all teamcity 4.1,4.5 and 5.01 too. any idea?

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What is the version of nunit.core.dll, nunit.core.interfaces.dll, nunit.framework.dll that you put near the test assembly.

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I've created an issue from your request. Please have a look/watch and vote for it at

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It is Nunit 2.4.8. So the version is



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