Teamcity does not detect ClearCase Changes?

Good afternoon,

I have a problem with Teamcity (5.0.1) not recognizing changes / updates in a ClearCase view. Under my project's configuration it says:

VCS Root Revision Label
(clearcase) medct5i_fors37ba_irma_integration_dynamic 15-January-2010.14:31:49 none

(= 2:31pm) But when looking at the exact same view on the machine itself, the CC History Browser (or cleartool) say that hte last change was in fact on 3:20:50 pm .. so for some reason the last 50 minutes of changes have remained unrecognized (all changes by me and other devs).

Doing a 'Enforce clean checkout' and/or 'Check for pending changes' does not change a thing.. it still doesn't use the proper versions.

The CC-Views are Dynamic ones (same happened before with Snapshot ones), VCS refresh times are set to 60 seconds.

The View's config spec is actually pretty simple, too:

element * CHECKEDOUT
element * iRMA_for_IT
element * /main/LATEST

... 'iRMA_for_IT' is a label we move on the CC elements to indicate that this particular version of a file shall be included in the build. Now between 2:31pm and 3:20pm up there there were actually 51 label movements in the view and looking in the view by hand indicates that it does in fact already 'look' at the correct version. However, TC still uses 'old' sources from the state <= 2:31pm

What can/should I do? Resetting the caches also didn't change a thing...

Any ideas / suggestions? Oh and it's CC Version

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Can you please provide me your TC server debug logs?

(Please see for more information about how to collect them)

I need "teamcity-clearcase.log" and "teamcity-vcs.log" files.


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