Snapshot Dependency Ignore patterns?

If i have a snapshot dependency on another build and nothing has changed in its VCS root will it still rebuild it?
Can I set ignore patterns for this, so the snapshot dependency wont trigger a full build if certain files are checked in?


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It depends on dependency options. If option "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one" turned on, TeamCity won't run a build another running or finished build with same revisions exists. However when parent build (a build with snapshot dependency to another build) is triggered, child build will be triggered too. Then after the changes are collected, child build can be removed from the queue and dependency can be set to a finished build.

In TC 5.0 VCS trigger can monitor changes in child build configurations. In this case build trigger patterns will work for all changes across the chain of builds. However there is no way to set a trigger patterns so that some child builds will be triggered and some won't.


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