Dependency Artifacts Cleanup

For build cleanup configuration, there is the checkbox labeled 'Prevent dependency artifacts cleanup'.  Does the checked state of this control the cleanup of the artifacts for the configuration who's cleanup policy you are editing, or, the artifacts that this configuration depends on?  It seems to say that it controls the artifacts of the configuration whose cleanup policy is being set, but I just wanted to confirm.

Also, our current cleanup removes artifacts but preserves history.  Is there any way to set up cleanup so that artifacts are removed only after there are no dependencies who's artifacts have not been cleaned?  It seems currently that if I want to keep a builds history (for test details and such) that I must then keep the artifacts of the dependent builds, no matter how old the dependent build is.



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To my knowledge, the option prevents clenup of the builds that were sources of artifacts for the builds of the build configuration being configured.

BTW, I've filed an issue to address this misunderstanding.

Your second question seems to be filed as the feature request.


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