Maven build launch problem evaluating ec2 properties


I am new to TeamCity, and have tried to configure a maven build from an existing project in subversion. The configuration phase appears to process ok via the UI, but when I try to execute the build with an agent running on Linux I get errors resulting from attempts to evaluate ec2 properties.

It seems that the agent attempts to evaluate the following properties in constructing the maven launch command, even though I don't want to use the EC2 cloud and have in fact disabled it:

  ec2.public-ipv4, ec2.ami-manifest-path, ec2.instance-id, ec2.instance-type, ec2.public-hostname, ec2.local-ipv4, ec2.local-hostname, ec2.ami-launch-index, ec2.reservation-id, ec2.ami-id.

The log indicates that on trying to evaluate these properties the agent attempts to access the internet causing our proxy to reject the request and return an error page instead. Is there a way to completely disable the ec2 properties, or failing that a way to tell TeamCity to access the internet via our company proxy server?

The TeamCity version is 5.0.2 (build 10784).

Thanks for any help you can offer,


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Build agent tries to fetch Amazon EC2 instance metadata properties from the

This is a known issue, please watch/vote for it at

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