NCover report issue with TeamCity 5


We have integrated the NCover 3.x with our build under TeamCity 5.0.2. We had to setup assembly exclusion but otherwise its working properly aside from one issue.

We are using the option to generate a full report //or FullCoverageReport:Html:{}

The main page of the report will be FullCoverageReport.html (as mentionned by the documentation in NCover being the default as the option).

We are trying to have the main page generated as index.html otherwise the coverage tab page of TeamCity will not properly display the report.

I have attached the setup we are using. Anyone knows how to generate an index.html by NCover instead of the automatic generated file from TeamCity?

Thank you in advance.

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Could you please refer to
for more details on NCover.Reporter.exe

You may use {}/index.html as a reference to a file. Note, you may need to use another NCover report for that.


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