Starting a specific revision # build remotely with TC 4.5


We have a license for TeamCity 4.5 and are using it on our main build server.  I also have an evaluation TC 5.0.2 server on my computer for evaluation and testing purposes.

I am trying to start a specific revision # build remotely using my testing server (5.0) and so far I have been pretty much able to do it using commands like:


To use this, I need the modificationId corresponding to the Subversion revision #.  I have been able to retrieve this using the REST API using this command:


but when I try to do the same thing on our 4.5.6 server, I have an error.  Since that on version 4.5 REST is not bundled, I tried to install it.  I stopped the service, copied the file into the plugins directory and restarted the server.  It seems to have work cause I now have a new .unpacked subdirectory into the plugins directory, but still, the app/rest/changes command does not work, neither any of the following:

(vmmobuild01 is our TeamCity 4.5 server)




Is the REST API plugin really installed?

Is there another way to get the corresponding modification_id from the SVN revision numbers?


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Actually, REST plugin (at least that distributed with 5.0.2) is not compatible with 4.5.6. You probably got plugin loading error in the server logs...

You can get modifiecationId manually (it is participating the the URL related to the change e.g. when navigating to the change on the build's Changes tab or in the diff view link).

I am afraid it is not that easy to get the modificationId programmatically. Theoretically, REST API plugin sources can be changed to be compatible with 4.5.6

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I got the plugin from your website (not copied from my 5.0.2 installation).  They are dated from 23/07/2009.

I deleted the log files, stopped the TC 4.5.6 service, restarted it and checked into the server log file.  It says it found the plugin

[2010-03-09 17:20:20,596]   INFO - rver.plugins.PluginManagerImpl - Scanning plugin folder: P:\TeamCityData\plugins
[2010-03-09 17:20:20,956]   INFO - rver.plugins.PluginsCollection - Found plugin rest-api

and loaded it.

[2010-03-09 17:20:26,581]   INFO - rver.plugins.PluginManagerImpl - Loaded 18 plugins: [buildDurationStatisticsPlugin, changeViewers, clearcase, cvs, feed, FxCop, ldap, perforce, rake-runner, remoteAccess, rest-api, stacktraces, starteam, svn, TeamCityArtifactsSizeStatisticsPlugin, tfs, vss, xml-report-plugin]

There doesn't seem to have error messages.  I have attached the log file.

Was TC 5.0 released the 23rd of July of last year?

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TeamCity 5.0 was released in December, 2009. If you use a plugin from the attachment, it is some early prototype version that is not mentioned on the page and is not meant for public use and thus is not supported, etc. Moreover, it does not support listing the changes.

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Ok, thanks.  That pretty much answers it all.


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