Report Tabs - Migrating from v4

An FYI...

In v4, we had some report tabs coded in the main-config.xml file.  When migrating to v5, the entries in the main-config.xml file remained, but the report tabs didn't show up.  I didn't see anything in the logs for the migration.

They appear to be stored somewhere differently in v5.  We used the GUI to create the report tabs, but it would have been nice if a) they had been migrated, or b) there was some sort of notification.

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Could you please provide exact version you used before upgrade and report tab entries from the old main-config.xml?

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Migrated from Professional 4.5.1 to Commercial 5.0.2.

Entry in main-config.xml:

  <report-tab title="Owe a Dollar" basePath="theBuild" startPage="BuildBreakers.html" />

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   Actually, the report-tab format in main-config.xml hasn't changed since 4.5.1.

  Did you see old report-tab specifications in the TeamCity UI?
  What is the difference of the report tab specification in version 5.0 versus 4.5 in your case?

  Another possible reason for report tab not to show is a missing artifact in the build. Could this be the case?



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