Build Agent can't run sln2008 project after Upgrade to 5.0.2

After upgrading Team City to 5.0.2, my build agent is no longer able to find MSTest and is no longer compatible with sln2008.

My project states the Agent is incompatible for the following reasons:

Incompatible runner: sln2008

Unmet requirements: system.MSTest.9.0                  exists

Below are the System Properties for my agent:

Properties defined in the agent configuration file or determined  based on the OS environment

teamcity.agent.cpuBenchmark           145

Additional properties defined by JVM and agent runtime

agent.home.dir C:\TeamCity\buildAgent build1 C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work
file.encoding Cp1252
file.separator \
os.arch x86 Windows XP
os.version 5.1
path.separator ; C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp US
user.home C:\
user.language en SYSTEM
user.timezone America/New_York
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The possible reason for the problem can be that at some moment the build agent update process was interrupted and it didn't unpack all the plugins.
To help us analyze the problem, can you please provide agent logs covering the moment of agent first start and being in incompatible state?

To fix the problem and ensure all plugins are unpacked, please remove buildAgent/plugins/* and restart the build agent. It will take some time for plugins to be downloaded and unpacked, so please don't do anything with build agent for a couple of minutes.

In our turn, we should detect such situations and fix them. Please watch/vote for

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By uninstalling TeamCity and reinstalling it, the build agent properly registered all the build types.


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