TeamCity 5.1 EAP (build 13130) agent issue.

We use TeamCity to run some UI automation.  Since we upgraded to 5.1 (due to a TFS 2010 upgrade), I have noticed that we have been getting more failures than expected.  I found that the TeamCity build agent window steals focus from the browser window being automated.  Unfortunately, the browser window needs to retain focus for specific tests.  I've found a workaround to make sure that the window has focus before the action is taken on it, but I wanted to let you guys know about this.

5.0 did not have this problem, so this looks to be a regression.



BTW, this is a machine that's running the BuildAgent from the cmd line.


Hi Mike,

TeamCity agent cmd do not interacts with server UI. The possible reason why the focus could switch to the agent console window when it is going to update.
Most likely it was caused by interaction with another user or changes in the environment.


Thanks for the response!

Is it possible to run the agent in a silent mode?  So that there isn't a window?  Forgive me, I'm not familiar with JVMs.

I think that the likely reason this could be happening is because the automation will open and close browsers.  When the browser closes, the agent window is the only window left, so it gets the focus.  When the browser window reopens the agent window retains the focus.  I'm not sure why the inital launch of the browser retains focus (perhaps because nothing has focus at that point).



I've talked to other people who have ran into this issue and turns out this is not an issue with the 5.1 Agent.  There are multiple things at play with the problem and none of them is 5.1.

Thanks for the replies.


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